Action-Oriented Trainings 

My trainings are designed to help enhance student outcomes and avoid teacher burnout by incorporating quality nature-based learning into your existing program model.  

All sessions include time for group discussions, brainstorming, and individual planning so that all participants leave inspired inspired and ready to take action.


Sample Trainings


Easy & Engaging Environmental Education 

There's been a lot of buzz about Environmental Education, but does it really have a place in early childhood programs? The answer is a resounding yes - it just might look a little different than what you'd expect.  We'll dig in to the benefits of environmental education, highlight opportunities for nature-based STEAM learning, and explore three levels of adoption: incorporation of natural materials in the classroom, structured outdoor learning, and nature play. Participants will leave feeling empowered to incorporate environmental education into their existing program model. 


Growing Natural Readers & Writers: TAKING Literacy Outdoors 

In this session we’ll talk about taking literacy learning out of the classroom and into nature for more meaningful interdisciplinary learning. We’ll start off by examining the benefits of outdoor learning on creativity, academic achievement, physical health and wellbeing. Then we’ll look at ways to incorporate outdoor learning into your existing classroom schedule to meet curriculum goals and support deeper, more authentic literacy learning. Topics will include developmentally appropriate core routines to support oral and written communication and higher order thinking, meaningful integration of informational texts, and creating literacy-rich outdoor environments.


Making Learning Visible in Forest & Nature Schools

“So all you do is play outside?” If you’re in this field, chances are you’ve heard that question more times than you can count. Whether you’re trying to enroll new students, secure grant funding, convince administrators to get on board, or simply explain what you do at a cocktail party, you won’t want to miss this comprehensive overview of ways to make learning visible through photo, video, and authentic documentation of student work. We’ll leave time for group discussion and individual planning, ensuring that all participants walk away inspired and ready to put their learning into action. 


A Right, not a privilege

Outdoor play and exploration should be an integral party of every child’s early educational experience, but to make that a reality, we have to think outside the box of traditional forest and nature schools. In this session we’ll explore the broad range of potential stakeholders for the nature play movement and look at potential partnerships to help bring forest school practices into the public arena. We’ll talk compromise, collaboration, and complications and leave time for group discussion and individual planning, ensuring that all participants walk away inspired and ready to put their learning into action.  


Nature Play Pedagogy & BEnefits

This session will offer a comprehensive overview of the theories and principals guiding the practice of early childhood nature play. We’ll take a look at the state of the nature play movement, examine how it fits into the current educational landscape, and discuss why nature play is more important now than ever before. We’ll also unpack the numerous benefits of early childhood nature play and take a look at how incorporating nature play into your existing classroom routine could both enhance student outcomes and help you to avoid burnout. 


Nature Play in practice

Excited about the idea of nature play but not sure how to go about incorporating it into your existing classroom routine? This session has you covered! We’ll look at a three level gradual release plan, beginning with incorporating natural materials and a nature ethos in the classroom, progressing to structured outdoor activities, and culminating in authentic outdoor free play and exploration. We’ll go over the dos and don’ts of setting up an inspiring natural play space and I’ll share my guidelines for assembling the ultimate nature play toolkit. 


Nature Play Nitty-Gritty

In this session we’ll take a deeper dive into the nitty gritty of safe and successful nature play. We’ll unpack the difference between risks and hazards, go over appropriate clothing for all-weather outdoor exploration, and take time to go over common safety concerns. We’ll also talk about techniques for documenting and assessing student growth and development and outline techniques for fostering family support for new nature play programs. We’ll also take a look at the potentials costs associated with a new nature play program, and share information about available funding and resources.


Naturalist Skills for Deepening Nature Play

You don’t have to be an ecologist to be a fantastic nature play facilitator. That being said, a base level of naturalist knowledge goes a long way toward enriching the nature play experience. This session will offer a broad overview of kid-appropriate native plant and animal identification, plus information on how to incorporate wild foraging into your program. We’ll also explore key naturalist practices like sit spots, sensory awareness, and nature journaling and share key resources for continued learning. 




I can customize a workshop tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your group.

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