Take a moment to reflect on a special place from your childhood. I'll wait. 


Nine times out of ten, when I ask an adult this question, the place that comes to mind is somewhere outdoors.


Why? What is it about these childhood experiences in natural places that give them such enduring power? Maybe it's the sense of awe you remember, or a feeling of calm. Maybe it's the sense of freedom and adventure that being outdoors as a child represented.


Whatever it is, these early experiences with nature have the power to be transformational. 


Now take a moment to think about children today. How many of them are having these same types of experiences?


I'll hazard a guess that the majority are not. This may seem like a trivial generational difference, but the consequences are dire. 


Today's children are suffering from "Nature Deficit Disorder," and the results are having a dramatic impact on the way learning does (or doesn't) occur in traditional educational settings. As high-stakes testing and hyper-academic early childhood programs have become the norm, we've seen clear declines in student outcomes and in the quality of life of children, parents, and educators alike.


Children deserve a quality education and a childhood filled with wonder, awe, and authentic play.  And you deserve to feel confident and energized, not guilty and burnt out. 


That's where I come in.


Whether you work in a traditional early childhood setting, run your own childcare program, or are committed to simply doing the best you can for your own children, I'm here to help.